I dont believe in 

White knights

Soul mates

True love

I never let myself 


The romance novel

View of life of man

I know the heart can 


The sky, ice cream, sex


I let myself love 

No individual

All are good

Any can be the one

For right now

If my satelite colldes

With this one or that

Then a universc can


And yet

By random chance

My experiment

On where to pour

My self

Found a vessel waiting

That was not

Made for me shaped


But seemed to soal me up

I am 16 again

I am newly wed

I am parent new

I am 50 years anniversary

Hadn holding

I am layong down tracks

Making songs

Knitting jumpers

Running to answer phones

Stealing glances

Sideways looks

Daydreaming in my car

Losing sleep

I hum

I want

I crave

I need

Where did this come from

I am good enough on my own

I lie

I am better

With him

Beside me


Around me