You were missing

absent without notice

suddenly gone

shades of possibilities

barged uninvited

we stepped through broken glass 

you left things as you shaped them

particular to your way

of seeing the world

a world where an orchard

bore fruit

that now I bottle in tribute

a world you navigated;

the pilot considering air currents 

and likelihood of a change in the weather


I only pick half the fruit

before it succumbs to birds

or bugs or wildlife

I sail a boat through unchartered waters

Trying to read the maps 

you didnt leave me

new possibilities begin 

to take root in my minds garden

growing and taking over your orchard

Last night I tried on your gardners shirt

the smell of you lingered 

but the shirt didnt fit

the missing of memories

the missing of certanties

the missing of being part of a larger whole

means that you left me the gift of myself

to figure out

our chapter is past

and you are 


missing in action