Over Brisbane roofs

The rain comes

Lulling those of us back to sleep

Whose minds wander

Beyond the now

To the place of could be's 

From the land of once was

Shadows are pinned to the ground

With so many

Drops and drips and daydreams

Leaves stretch and flex

Blossom scatter

Carpeting the ground

Rain bruised but resplendent 

In the morning when I left you

The sun shone

When the day was done it had left its scars

Little pieces of you hacked away

The day's words and deeds clung

I held my breath

You were next to me but far away

And I could find no shoreline

This morning

Under grey skies

The tulip tree glows 

Crushed frangipani fills the air

I make tea 

And place it by your sleeping side


If my bruises still show