8 weeks since I kissed your face, held you close, told you I love you

8 weeks since you took your last breath,  felt sun,  cool water, birds in the sky

8 weeks of doing, searching, clearing, crying, thinking...




8 weeks of changes big and small 

8 weeks of difficult looks, unfound words and unfamiliar embraces.

8 weeks of stumbling though a maze: a labyrinth without a centre.

8 weeks of love beamed from unexpected faces of strangers

8 weeks of phone calls, documents, decisions




8 weeks of solitude in crowds

8 weeks of wakeful mornings, long nights and full days

8 weeks of closing doors and opening windows

8 weeks of making plans and letting them go

one by one

the days turn into weeks

the weeks into months

8 weeks

one step in front of the other